Our all products come from Chaina and USA from Alibaba, AliExpress, and Amazon.

About Us

Welcome to Gadget A&H . Gadget A&H is currently one of the most trusted online and offline Mobile and Gadget stores in our country. Here you will find all the authentic devices and accessories at affordable prices. We have been providing the best services all over the country since 2016. Your faith is our strength. We send products to any part of the country. We are committed to providing the highest level of service. Order a product and get it home delivered within 24-48 hours anywhere in Bangladesh. "Your Trust, Our Service".


Our ultimate target is to satisfy you and rest other people in Bangladesh. Honesty, good quality, reasonable price as well as fast delivery these all things are our vision.


We delivery all most all location in Bangladesh through our delivery system or courier services. We also provide home delivery or door to door delivery. You can also pay the price of the product after receiving your order. In most of location, we provide the facilely to check the product before pay the bill.


We provide the wide range of products from the different source and delivery to you whenever you want. Moreover, we’re here for further information to customers.



You can order all the available products in our website. We also provide the facility to order via call or email even in social media. It takes almost 24/48 hours to process your order.


Generally, we send the order as soon we get your order. According to our rules it takes nearly 3-5 working days to arrive inside Dhaka. Rest all other areas of outside Dhaka, it takes 5-7 days to arrive in your location.

We provide the facility to receive customer order at their suitable time. Delivery man always call before coming to your location that we can receive your order.